Fiat Tip!

Submitted By:Thomas Bennett <>


Model Range, Interest: 124

Addl. Information: Interior, Seats

Date: Wed, 01 Nov 95 00:56:31 0800
From: Thomas Bennett 
Organization: Pierian Spring Software
Subject: Replacement Seats

Fiat 124 Spyder:

Hate the prices to rebuild or replace those stock seats? Aftermarket too 
expensive?  Honda Civic LX seats (89-91) fit *perfectly*. Use the 
original Fiat rails below the seats. they bolt directly into the Honda 
holes (Thread sizes and location are perfect)

I got mine from a Honda indoor wrecking yard for about $30 a pair. 
(Black will cost more...) Look for Honda seats with the rails bolting to 
the bottom. Others won't fit as easily. They look like thousands, cost 
only 1/2 hour and 30 bucks...

Good Luck!

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