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Submitted By:Thomas Bennett,


Model Range, Interest: All Models, Brake Bleeding

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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 95 23:00:00 0700

From: Thomas Bennett <>

Organization: Pierian Spring Software


Subject: Brake Bleeding Tool

For those frequent brake bleedings recommended by others here at the page, I have found a pair of procedures that can help.

My wife refuses to pump the brake pedal anymore, so I found the Mityvac brake bleeding vacuum pump to work really well. (Available from International AutoParts, and locally at decent auto stores, even in JC Whitney) It simplifies the bleeding process to one person, as well as keeps the old brake fluid in a reservoir, away from the floor and bodywork. It consists of a vacuum unit, tubes, adaptors and a reservoir.

There are more expensive units similar to this, but they assume ownership of an air compressor.

Associated with that, use some teflon tape on the threads of the bleeder screws to keep air from seeping into the vacuum tubes during suction.

This also helps keep the fragile screws from sticking in the caliper cylinders.

Happy bleeding!

Note from Eli: These one-man brake-bleeding devices are a real godsend for many reasons, but in some cases (The worst being the X1/9 or Scorpion Clutch hydraulic circuits) nothing replaces a pressure bleeder. The job can be done in most cases without it, but it does save time- However, I've yet to find a pressure bleeder tool that does not require compressed air.

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