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Submitted By:Spiro Kapsalis <>


Model Range, Interest: Regata

Addl. Information: Electrical problems

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 01:42:35 -0700

From: Spiro Kapsalis <>

Organization: Capstan Electronics


Subject: Regata 85S/100S weird electronic problem

If you own a Regata 85S or 100S (but not e model) and experience the battery warning light flashing after starting.

And even though you've had the battery, alternator, wiring etc. checked. Then it's time to replace the ignition switch (available separately from the barrel lock of course).

An intermittent return contact causes a voltage glitch on the Electronic Check Panel, causing it to reset and fooling it into thinking that the alternator is not spinning.

Please E-mail me if you want a more technical description.

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