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Submitted By:Tom Peddle ,
Model Range, Interest:Twin Cam All, Motor Mounts
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Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 13:00:47 -0700
From: Tom Peddle 
Subject: TC engine mounts

On UK 131's with 1600 or 2000 DOHC engines (either early 'angled' or
later 'flat' crossmember brackets a FORD engine mount can be used.  The
FORD part is for a Diesel 'Transit' or 3.0l 'Capri' (UK model names), I
do not have the part numbers (but could get them if you wanted).  The
FORD mounts are solid rubber which gives a less flexible location and
more engine vibes.  As I am into motorsport I put up with the vibes and
get better 'turn in' because the engine stays solid to the chassis.  I
have done this modification to a 131 2000TC saloon and 131 2 door SPORT.

*Comments added by Eli - This sounds like a good tip! For North America, I think we might have a hard time getting the parts, but for those in the European Market, I say Bravo to Tom!
On a Related Note, we like to use 131 engine mounts in 124 models. The 124 engine mount is solid rubber, but they weaken quickly. The 131 Mount seems to be a harder compound, and has a steel spring inserted in it for greater rigidity.

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