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If you have a Fiat 127/Stella with 903cc OHV engine you have maybe
got fed up with the 40 hps? Ocay, take the engine apart, send the cam
to be modified (the stock cam is 240 degrees, modify it to 286.. or 302
but then you'll have hard time driving it..). Once the engine is in
parts drill out the cylinders to the maxx, that'll give u displacement
of 1000 cc. Lower the cyl head about 0.6 mm and you'll have compression
ratio raised to 10:1.. Ok, then you put the engine back together, install a set
of new HO valvesprings (both outer and inner) to secure the high revs!! 
To gain access to higher revvs decrease the weight of the freewheel but
remeber to balance it well!!! Replace the standard cam-operating-mechanism
(my english sucks,ok!) to a racing prepped one. Of 'cuz if MONEY is not the
problemo you can always go out and buy an Alquati cylinderhead with all the
superb HO parts from Alquati workshop.. But I tell ya I'll be expensive!
AND REMEMBER TO CHANGE ALL WORN PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw away the stock intake and exhaust manifolds and the stock carb. Install
a stainless steel exhaust manifold and put a DHLB 35 dual carb with 28mm
pipes (170 cmf) to feed the engine. I've tried out some intake manifolds 
and I prefer Alquati intake manifold OK It ain't the cheapest but the
quality is maxx!!

Okies there you have a 1000cc HO engine for your tiny 127.. Well in fact the
engine can be installed in any 600/126/133/UNO or even Cinquecento cars..
(Imagine the gear ratios of the 600 with this engine!!!) Which can produce
nearly 100 horses and revvs nearly 10000.. Of course the quality of ur work
sets the limits Yepp.. and if the block says "SEAT" don't bother, the SEAT
blocks are not as stiff as the orig FIAT blocks and they break down easier..

I built one for myself and someone has ordered a similar machine.. works
fine, well not under 2000 rpm but inna city shows off by leaving a stock
Camaros and 2.0 turboz behind =)

w/regards, happy to see your page
Jarko Vihri{l{ / Weird Cars Racing
                 Marjamatka 6, 96500 Rovaniemi,FINLAND, EUROPE
                 tel +358-40-5567897

Fiat Gruppo Finlandia member

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