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Submitted By:John Blazakis,
Model Range, Interest:Punto models, Sunroof
Addl. Information:

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 95 21:48:03 0200
From: "John G. Blazakis" 
Subject: Punto GT Sun roof

    I own a Punto GT with sun-roof. The problem was that from 
time to time the sunroof would not open. The problem was only 
on opening the roof. If I opened it manually then it would 
close and reopen normally. The phenomenon would happen 
especially on hot days and whenever the car had been under the 
sun for sometime. I changed the electric motor twice (the 
car was still within guarantee limits and I did not pay 
anything) but the problem persisted.

    Finally I opened the motor myself and found out that it was 
full of grease. The grease would melt under the sun and would 
act as an isulator to the rotor of the electric motor. I wiped 
most of the grease off, leaving enough for the greasing of the 
motor axles and the problem has been solved ever since.

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