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Submitted By: Alan, aheartfd@MTS.NET


Model Range, Interest:SOHC X1/9, Engine support beam warps under Severe service!

Addl. Information:

My 78 X 1/9, which I slalom, developed a habit last summer of allowing the left axle to travel clear of the tranny housing, with associated loud noises, chewing of axle and hub, destruction of spider joint, etc. It did this four times, and nothing seemed to prevent it, even stacking as many spacers as possible between the hub and spline to force the axle as deep into the tranny as possible. Finally, this spring I noticed that the engine support beam had deflected a small amount - probably a gradual process over several seasons. There was no noticeable distortion of the beam - I just noticed that the a-arm bolt end was starting to rub on the tranny casing - it had lowered the end of the tranny by about 1/2". I straightened the beam, added an extra support bar, and no more problems. Anyone collecting needle bearings?


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