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Submitted By: Adrian,


Model Range, Interest:SOHC X1/9, Replacement Seats

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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 08:39:05 -0800
From: Adrian Lavrov 
Subject: X1/9 seat substitution

I'm currently getting ready to restore my 79 X1/9. I have decide to
"abandon" my current stock fiat seats.  I want leather seats, and any "extra" room
thus I have gone to Pontiac Fiero seats.
The Seats are ideal:
	Plentiful availablity.
	Leather re-upolstry kits are available, as well as others
	Built in speakers if you get the late model "luxury" car

In order to fit the X1/9 the stock Pontiac seat tracks were removed (unbolt).
The fiat seat tracks from the bottom of a fiat seat need to be removed
(from a junk seat if you want to "preserve" the orginal seats.) Use a drill as
these are welded. These tracks are welded to pieces of mild steel that mates
up to the Fiero seat track mounting points. Thus the original low
profile Fiat seat track/adjuster is used.

The only catch ( at least in my case) is the removal of the fiat seat
belt retractor, when this is done the seat can move back an almost an extra 2
I belive that the Fiero seat/fiat track also sits you about 3/4 inch

I'am currently researching a seat belt substitution, but I'm leaning
towards a "race" type dual shoulder/lap belt arrangement.

P.S. Reuse the Fiero mounting hardware it's even metric !!!, trial fit
and mark drill points after setting up the rear seat travel limit

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