Special Photo session: FIAT Freak-Out

Paul B. mentioned this event to me back in July, telling me of fantastic 'Abarthized' 131 models, and a great turnout of 124's, X1/9's, etc. Made me wish I had a reason to go to Maryland for the weekend! The 'Fiat Freak Out' is sponsored by Fiat Lancia Unlimited- I'll get some information on how to contact them & post it.

Paul was kind enough to copy the photos and mail them to me, so here is a selection of the best photos from his day. These have been reduced in size, and color depth for quick downloading, so if you want a full-res copy let me know. Also, download 'em while you can- I only have so much room at this site, so this exhibit will be deleted to make room for new projects as they are finished.

Note: These are snapshots taken by Paul, and he did not write down full-blown documentation on every car. Enjoy the pictures, we'll ID the cars chapter and verse later.

  • A beautiful Dino Coupe, front view. 1967?

  • Late Dino Spider in the grass... Lots more photos of this car avail. by request.

  • The 131's! Paul tells me that these cars are conversions- The one with the wreath on the hood is reported to be an '88 2000 TC model.

  • 124 and X1/9 lined up in plenty. Even a late 128 4 door! The red 128 is a twin to my first Fiat, but this one is in much better condition.

    Many Thanks to Paul for the photos! Hope they are enjoyed.

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