Rust Issues With Used X-19s
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Subject: X1/9 rust info

From: Daniel
Email: advantage@cajun.net
Date: Tue Jun 30 08:05 PDT 1998

I have a 1981 X1/9 that has some bad rust damage with the worst around the lower part of the windshield and up the right side. Can this be cut out and new metal be welded in or is it time to find a new car. Thanks now for any information you may have.

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How much rust? You can find good clean example of X1/9s at low prices.

Does it worth the job?
My own test is:

If the movement is easily felt, I would run away from the car.

Repairing the windhshield surround involves the removal of the windshield and the replacement / repair of the surrounding. With a lot of patience you may remove the windshield without breaking it.

If there is just some rust in limited areas, it may worth it to repair locally by welding. I don’t believe you should invest in a complete new windshield surround. The trouble, time and cost will not justify the repair.

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Re: Rust
From: dan
Email: fiat@cyberplus.c
Date: Wed Jul 01 00:37 PDT 1998

Hi guys, yes it can be repaired but if the window frame is that bad,I would find it hard,O.K. impossible to believe the rest of the car is sound.check the rear cross member that holds the suspension and the rear trunk area.This doesent neccesarily mean the car is junk,(my 80 x has had no trunk floor for 7 years and I winter drive it).

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