Purchasing a Used X-19
By Christopher Judd Email: juddman@peconic.net and other contributors

Hi All!

This is a note to ask all of you X1/9 gurus out there to share with me the sage bits of information you’ve learned about X1/9 ownership over the years. I’ve volunteered to help Eli build the part of the upcoming faq that deals with buying an X1/9, and while I’ve learned a few things on my own and have read about a few others, your input is crucial to the success of the FAQ! I’d really like as much information as you can bear to provide me with.

Let me know the five most five most significant repairs you’ve had to do or have had done. Let me know what has broken more than once. What do you consider to be the car’s greatest single flaw? Greatest strength? What have you NEVER had to fix?

Anything from lists of things to look for when buying to horror stories of the deeds of the dreaded PO are needed. Really, if it is relevant in any way to an X1/9, I’ll take it. Proper credit, of course will be given.

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Reply 1 (Dan from Canada!)

Hi guys the first question to be asked if its a 5 speed is the reverse working.howes about 2nd and 3rd synchros.they are the only expensive bits that arent readily visible.rust in the rear lower quarters is common(fiberglass moisture holder installed at factory)Easy fix and dont foget to remove the fiberglass shit.The worst cases are cars that come in with extensive

REPAIRS (i use that term loosley) to the wiring.Even i dont

expect to live long enough to fix all the repairs.thanks,dan

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Re: X1/9 Purchase advice
From: John C. Lagerquist
Email: vision_a@srv.net
Date: Mon Jun 22 20:04 PDT 1998

Five most significant repairs:

1. Third gear synchro on ALL of the X1/9’s I have owned
2. Front ball joints
3. Rust around the windshield
4. Re-wiring charging/electrical system
5. Two of my x1/9’s required valve jobs

Cars greates flaw: UNDERPOWERED !

Greatest strength: awesome handling
Never had to fix: the bottom end (block, etc.) is bulletproof
Hope this helps!

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Re: X1/9 Purchase advice
From: Matthias Stiller
Email: stiller@igd.fhg.d
Date: Tue Jun 23 07:26 PDT 1998

I think you missed the nice error search for having to hot coolant temperatures (mostly a combination of non working radiator fan and broken thermostat).

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Re: X1/9 Purchase advice
From: Mark Plaia
Email: plaia96@seanet.com
Date: Tue Jun 23 19:19 PDT 1998

1. They run hot if the cooling system is not tip top and all of the air bled out.
2. 5 speed synchros are weak. 4 speeds are better, but still not great. Learn to double clutch.
3. Wheel bearings can go away, although they do not burn up. They just growl like crazy.
4. Ball joints. Fronts are not too bad. Rears are REALLY expensive cause you have to buy the whole trailing arm.
5. Head gasket. See point 1 above.
6. Timing belt. People just don’t understand that you HAVE to change them. Check the pulleys and especially the tensioner. If you can hear the tensioner when you spin it, it needs replacement.

Strong point(s): superb handling, Italian panache for not much money, distinctive car (not many around any more).
Weak point: Low on power, but you can compensate some. Pretty small cabin.
Never had to fix: bottom end of engine (I’m with John C. there)

Mark Plaia

Christopher Judd
e-mail: juddman@peconic.ne