US Fiat Advertisements

From Day One, I have always wanted to see this section happen, and have just now had the time/resources available to scan the ads, and post it..

It's FUN to see the original ads, from when our cars were new. I have been combing garage sales, old resources & everything I could find to bring these images to you. Please note, some of the original sources are magazines that are yellowing with age, or are very dog-eared. The quality of these images is not pristine, and in the interest of resolution some file sizes push half a meg. This is my first attempt at this long dreamed-of project, and I welcome your input (or nice, clean scans of old ads to replace or add to the collection). Let's build this section together!

I'll clean this up as I can. For now, enjoy, and be sure to have some project or sandwich waiting for you while you download some of the bigger files.

1973. Mario Andretti road-tests the SL

A full-line ad from 1974

1976, showing the 131 & 124 models

A 4 page ad from 1976. Why NOT buy a Fiat?

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